These are some of our references.  We will be happy to provide you with our references at our initial consultation.

I was very impressed with Tamra.  She is an outstanding lady that is always positive and just a joy to work with.  She is highly intelligent and she is able to quickly master new challenges. She is an effective communicator and outstanding business leader.  She trained new staff members and company development meetings.  She interviewed prospective employees and helped make hiring decisions.  She met with third party vendors and made decisions about whether or not their products and services were in best interest of the business.  I am confident that Tamra will be an asset to your business that will greatly contribute to its overall success.

–Attorney,  Adam

See Shore Solutions is an outstanding company.  The owner and staff really do care about their clients and the client’s business needs.  The owner takes the time to review step by step every solution possible for each situation you or your company may encounter pertaining to your tax or payroll needs.

We would recommend See Shore Solutions to any one starting a new business or anyone looking for a company who genuinely cares about you and your business needs.

–Small Business Owner, James.

We hired Tamra to help with the opening of my new practice. By my arrival, I had a unified team waiting for me as Tamra spent months training the staff prior to my arrival. Tamra set the expectations of the practice and everyone in it at a very high, yet attainable, level. She made the first few weeks of being open a much more seamless transition than I had ever dreamed of, and took a ton of weight off of my shoulders in doing so. Had it not been for Tamra, the practice would not have gotten off to the great start that it did.  Along with her leadership skills, I wanted to mention Tamra’s technical expertise when it comes to accounting and record keeping. Tamra continually worked with the front office team to develop their skills. I felt as though the accounting aspect of the practice was in great hands. I can say unequivocally that she cares more about her job and the success of the place she is working at more than any other person I have ever worked with.

–General Dentist, Dr. Bill

Tamra was thrown into a very difficult situation because our firm was going through a transition period. Tamra had to hire new employees, manage our firm’s finances that were not up-to-date, help develop ideas to help our business grow, and perform other related tasks. Despite this very overwhelming task, Tamra ran with the opportunity and thrived at her position. Soon, I saw our business beginning to grow and thrive almost immediately.

Tamra is great at working with team members and using their feedback to help a business. Every week Tamra was responsible for conducting a team meeting. This meeting was very effective in helping our firm provide feedback and Tamra always listened to our thoughts and concerns. She would then determine whether or not we needed to make changes in our firm in order to increase productivity and positivity in the firm.

During my time with Tamra, I enjoyed every second of the time that I got to work with her. She truly cares about the business she helps and is a joy to work with. She is great at doing whatever it takes to run a business successfully, but at the same time making sure the team is happy and have the tools to succeed at their jobs.

–Attorney, Spencer

I have known Tamra professionally for the past 3 years.  I have been continually impressed by her positive attitude, pleasant personality, and professionalism.  I am confident in Tamra’s capabilities.  She has analytical skills to diagnose problems and devise viable solutions.  She works well under pressure and deadlines.  She has great communication skills and professional appearance.  I would recommend her without reservation.

–Accounting Director for School Board, Steve

Tamra is a very personable lady who meets the public well.  She is very conscientious and capable of doing any job.

— Juvenille Public Defender, Newton

As a small business owner or manager, one of the most important decisions you make is the acquisition of talented team members.  The right person can influence those around them to strive for greatness.  The right person can coordinate projects between multiple stakeholders.  The right person can provide insight into the mindset and morale of their subordinates.  The right person can execute the vision and strategy laid down for them.  The right person can think on their feet to provide solutions in complex problems.  The right person can identify fellow talent.  The right person can make your life easier.  Those are just some of the things Tamra did on a routine basis.  She is a superstar.  You should stop reading now and go ahead and hire her.  You will not be disappointed.

Tamra has a personality that uniquely qualifies her as a leader and manager, although I feel she could handle just about any position.  She has a pleasant demeanor and always has a positive mental attitude.  Her positivity is contagious which allows her to be very effective in leading her subordinates. They feel that she cares about them as an individual as well as a professional.  However, she is not a doormat and if the situation commands, Tamra lets them know she means business.  Tamra’s leadership skills make her very unique and also aid in maintaining a high performance workplace. Based on my experience Tamra is respected and admired by her subordinates.

Tamra is highly motivated to excel at her job.  She always strives for success and usually obtains it ahead of schedule.  She pays attention to details.  She is methodical and goal oriented.  She is a self-starter.  She accepts direction well and provides a fresh set of eyes on existing policies and procedures.  She is analytical and can diagnose financial concerns and devise viable solutions and controls. She can diffuse a situation and turn an angry customer into a raving fan. She has been a valuable asset in our organization and I feel she will exceed your expectations, as she has mine.r

–Attorney Jackson 

Tamra exhibits many traits that make her valuable to your organization. She suggested new and improved procedures.  She has a cheerful and pleasant attitude. Tamra is hardworking and very capable of performing any tasks she takes on.

—Clerk of Court, Lisa

It is with great ease and pleasure to recommend Tamra. I have known Tamra for the last 5 years.  Tamra is professional and committed: She exemplifies the attributes one would want in a leader.  Tamra was instrumental in developing and cultivating accounts for us. Without her tenacity, communication, and ability to build rapport quickly this would not have been accomplished.  I find Tamra to be fair, understanding, but at the same time display leadership qualities in dealing with business contacts.  She is a respected professional and it is a joy to work with her.  You are assured quality, success, and a committed member of your team.

– Sales Manager, Patrice

I hired Tamra to assist us in the Accounts Payable and Receivable Department.  She came to work for us in a time of chaos and rolled her sleeves up and made major strides in catching up and improving the Department. She improved the system as our growth dictated a new system, that she oversaw and ran dual systems until the new system was fully installed.  Tamra does what is needed to get the job done.  She will perform the same for you!  She has a pleasing personality and works well with all levels of management.  Her communication skills are excellent.  I am now retired, but if I had the opportunity and need to hire a business partner, it would be Tamra.

–Controller, Earl

Tamra has wide range of varied experience.  She is efficient in manner and her personality and demeanor enable her to work with all types of individuals.  From the most educated to the least educated, she makes everyone feel comfortable and goes beyond the call of duty in assisting them.  I heartily recommend her for any position you have that involves the public because she can handle every situation. Her work ethic is such that you can count on her to complete all tasks.

— County Administrator & Attorney,  Bill

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