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We have a drive and passion towards helping small business owners thrive and succeed. Whether you are a start up company or an existing business in need of positive changes– we want to help you.  We are a Business Consultant Team with a diverse knowledge of the inner workings of running a business.

At See Shore Solutions we offer Small Business Web Design, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources, Operations Management, Leadership and Staff Training and Development, Procedural Implementations, Company Liability and Compliance with IRS and State agencies and more.  We are a company designed to help small business owners thrive by giving them a solid “Road Map” on how to successfully enjoy running their business and how to avoid preventable headaches!

A Shore Way To Do Business


First and foremost, We Value Our Clients!  We believe in YOU and want to work for YOU as if we have an invested interest in your company.  No matter what service you hire us to complete, we are dedicated to the success of your business from start to finish.  We desire to be apart of your business family with a continued relationship with you even after we have completed our service.  We find joy in helping and encouraging small business owners thrive and want to continue to encourage and applaud you as you climb the ladder of greater success.

Our goal is to provide small business owners with solid foundations they can build upon for years to come.  We want to provide quality services at affordable small business rates.  We want to help you, not break your bank!  We invite you to become apart of our family.  You won’t regret it!  We love our Client’s and they love us.  It’s “A Shore Way To Do Business.”

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Experienced Professionals


Business Consultant & Web Designer

Tamra is a driven and passionate business professional with 18 years of experience.  She is creative, innovative, and keeps up with the ever changing trends.  She has also been described as motivating, encouraging, and uplifting.  In her work experience, she has held positions such as Office Manager, Accounting Manager, Director of Operations, and even Children’s Director for her church.

Tamra has had the opportunity to create and implement new structures and procedures to existing businesses as well as create solid foundations for start up companies.  Tamra’s ability to lead and mentor allows her to create a solid action plan in getting the most out of your management team, staff, and individually.  She can help coach individuals through hardships and difficulties to where they meet their maximum personal potential.  Tamra’s diverse experience and knowledge makes her the triple threat:  Management, Accounting, and Coaching.

In every position Tamra has held, she naturally became the mentor, coach, and guidance counselor to others.  Tamra’s passion for helping others led her to becoming a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Christian Counselor at Light University.  She is also a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC).  In addition, Tamra holds a B.A. Degree from Shorter University.

Tamra’s true passion is leading, mentoring, and helping others.  She finds joy in creating client relationships.  Let Tamra work for you!

Small Business Consultant
Website Development
Accounting Service


Business Consultant & Accounting Specialist

Jeanne is an experienced business professional with 35+ years of accounting experience.  She is analytical and methodical, which helps in creating solid accounting structures for your business. In her work experience, she has held positions as Accounting Manager, Financial Planner, Treasury Manager, and Director of Accounts.

In these roles, Jeanne has had the opportunity to create and implement solid accounting structures as well as oversee the process and controls.  Jeanne is knowledgeable and is able to teach accounting to those who may not have a niche for it.  Jeanne is great at auditing and can help you devise a plan to clean up the old and go forward with solid procedures.

Jeanne holds an Accounting Degree from Shorter University and an Operational Management Degree from St. Paul College.  Believe it or not, Jeanne is one of those rare people who actually enjoys numbers!  She finds joy in accounting and helping clients understand the basics of accounting.  Jeanne pairs up with Tamra on complex accounting projects. She looks forward to working with you!

Small Business Consultant
Accounting Service
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